A downloadable game for Windows

1 to 4 local players compete to nab the best spot on the couch, grabbing snacks along the way.

Created for the Simple Jam in a weekend using Unreal Engine 4.12

Game rules:

  1. Roll down the ramp
  2. Transform to start flying
  3. The floor is lava, so don't touch it
  4. Grab some snacks
  5. Secure the best seat on the couch

Imported assets:

  1. Chamfered cube
  2. Sphere
  3. Lake water setup
  4. Cat model [saved for later]
  5. [saved for later]

Turns out learning Z-Brush in a few hours is not actually a thing, so there's no cat model yet; use your imagination.

Install instructions

Unzip and run SlimeKatSlalom.exe


  • Player 1 can use the keyboard or an XInput game pad
  • Player 2..4 must use additional game pads
  • WASD or Left Stick - Control rolling and flight
  • Space or A - Transforms you (can be used twice, once to fly and again to transform back into an unguided falling slime)
  • Escape - Quit
  • Ctrl+Shift+F - Show/hide frame rate


SlimeKatSlalom V2 (End of Jam version) 65 MB