A downloadable game for Windows

Zen Miner is meant to be a chill mining game in the style of Miner Dig Deep where a fox collects ore and sells it to purchase upgrades, allowing them to go deeper and find better ores.  This fox is all about the vicious loot cycle.

Created for #cgajam using CGA palette 1 and a nearly CGA 320x180 virtual resolution (dithering happens at a higher resolution however).

However, the gameplay is not really finished in time for the submission deadline; the uploaded build has the very basics of the gameplay loop (you can mine, sell ore, and refill your lamp oil, but there are no upgrades or deployable items yet). I don't recommend downloading it right now; I'm planning on doing a post-jam cheat build with more of the systems finished (will remove this warning when a cheat build is uploaded).

Additional credits:

  • The background graphics and sprites are from Luis Zuno's "Sunny Land" pack (CC-BY 3.0)
  • The music track ("Yokushun") is by Rolemusic (CC-BY 3.0)
  • Created using Unreal Engine 4.16


Zen Miner (End Of Jam) 79 MB