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Angry Duck Diver was created as part of the 2016 Train Jam (March 10th to March 12th).

It's a bullet-heavy vertical scrolling shmup/STG which contains neither ducks nor diving. Instead you have to constantly balance your avarice and cowardice, building up bonuses and choosing the ideal moment to bank your points before you are destroyed.

The theme was maximum capacity and I interpreted that as a risk/reward mechanic where you increase your bonus gauge as you approach maximum capacity, but you also increase your hit box and risk destruction, losing all your unbanked points.

- Michael Noland (@joatski, http://michaelnoland.com)


  • Move with WASD, ZQSD, or Arrow keys
  • Fire with Space or LMB
  • Bank with Shift or RMB
  • Escape to Quit

How to play:

  • Enemies are made of delicious coins, so you should shoot them
  • They are very protective of those coins, so avoid touching them or getting shot by them
  • Eating coins increases your bonus gauge but makes you fat
  • Banking protects points at the cost of draining your bonus gauge
  • Aim to beat your own high score and improve your average bonus rating

Additional Credits:

  • Used resources from several UE4 samples (allowed as part of UE4 EULA)
  • 'Lives left' icon from Kenney (CC0 license)
  • 'Drag racing chimes' sound from http://freesound.org/people/steel2008/sounds/23127... (CC0 license)
  • 'Music' is 'Kozoro, Ryzu, Unison & Evence - Ascend' by Ninety9Lives (provided for use in jam, unknown license)
  • The scenery on the train ride

Install instructions

Unzip and run AngryDuckDiver.exe on Windows to play the game (you may need to download and run UE4PrereqSetup_x86.exe first if you haven't run a UE4 game before)


Angry Duck Diver (Windows) 71 MB
UE4 Prerequisites 22 MB

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