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How to play:

  • Repopulate a barren planet (Earth?) with life by seeding new plants
  • When the time is right, enlist animals to help automate the process (one of them knows an ancient secret).
  • Eventually other things happen. No spoilers.


  • Progress is saved between sessions, but time does not advance while the application is closed. Keep it open to continue amassing life.


  • Made for LD38, created under the compo rules (worked alone, created all new assets, finished within 48 hours of starting). However, I got a late start (3 PM Sat) and did not submit in time for the official deadline, so it's technically a jam entry.
  • Source code and assets are included. Unless otherwise noted, assets created for the compo are placed under a CC0 license and game code under a MIT license.


Planetary Garden (End Of Compo Build) 81 MB
Planetary Garden (Source Code and Assets) 73 MB
Planetary Garden (HTML5) 43 MB

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